This weekend, 4 and 5 February, on the ground floor of City Center one West, visit the CroCube exhibition stand and find out how you can help the mission of launching the first Croatian satellite into space!

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the mission organizers – the Society for education outside the box and company Spacemanic, the dream of space projects in Croatia will soon become a reality.

CroCube, the first Croatian satellite that will be launched into orbit at the end of this year, is a small satellite in the shape of a cube measuring 10x10x10 cm, the model of which you will be able to see in City Center one. CroCube will be equipped with a camera that will photograph the Earth’s surface from a height of 500 km, and it will have the opportunity to photograph Croatia 3 times a day, for approximately 12 minutes.

During the duration of the mission, all interested citizens will be able to monitor the state and movement of the satellite on the mission’s official website, and capture a #Croselfie or a radio signal while the satellite flies over Croatia.

Be a part of this story and support this mission by approaching CroCube volunteers.

See you!