Intimissimi’s new Valentine’s Day campaign brings a positive message and a way to feel beautiful every day.

The new line includes matching sets decorated with fine lace, unique embroidery and romantic or sensual details. Each item of clothing creates a real work of art on the skin of the wearer, a gesture of everyday beauty.

The stars of the campaign are various lines: from the poetic “Queen Of Hearts“, with a heart pattern and tulle in timeless shades of black to the passionate “Intricate Surface” characterized by sexiness with transparent lace, intriguing crosses and small metallic details. Finally, “Sweet Like Sugar” is a sophisticated line characterized by tulle decorated with delicate floral embroidery and elegant satin hems.

A rich and elegant collection which you can wear every day to feel beautiful, strong and confident; new Intimissimi underwear is the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself to celebrate love in all its shades on Valentine’s Day, with an emphasis on loving yourself first.