Dormeo DNA – Dreams by your design!

Each person has unique sleep needs. Did you know that as many as 70% of people sleep on an ill-suited mattress that reduces the quality of sleep. Only a fully personalized mattress can provide the unique support and comfort you need. That’s why Dormeo has created a personalized mattress for the best sleep ever – Dormeo DNA.

Dormeo artificial intelligence experts use patented Octaspring technology to create unprecedented, personalized comfort in every ten centimetres of the mattress, with hundreds of personal comfort and support zones. Create a completely personalized Dormeo DNA mattress in less than ten minutes. Personalize both sides of the mattress for unique comfort – a mattress tailored for you and your partner.

Visit and design your dream mattress today. All you need is a mobile phone. You can also visit Dormeo home and Top Shop stores throughout Croatia, where our sleep experts will guide you through the DNA application to help you create your mattress.