Friends of City Center one, with whom the Center is glad to cooperate and assist them

UNICEF programs aimed at:
decreasing peer violence and domestic violence against children
encouraging, promoting and supporting foster parenting as the best form of care for children that cannot grow up in their biological families
early development of children and positive parenting
The most popular UNICEF programs lately are ‘First 3 Are Most Important’, ‘Every Child Needs a Family’ and ‘Stop Violence Among Children’.


Mission, motivation and the reward of RED NOSES, the Clowndoctors, is bringing smiles and joy of life where sorrow, fear and pain are present. RED NOSES provide psychosocial support to people who are ill, helpless and suffering, primarily to children in hospitals using humour and joy of life.

Educational center Goljak

The Center is dedicated to the upbringing, education and rehabilitation of children and youth with motor disorders and chronic diseases through the following programs:

1) Preschool education of children with motor difficulties and chronic diseases

2) Primary education of children and youth with motor difficulties and chronic diseases

3) Job training program for youth up to 21 years of age

Jak kao Jakov

The Jak kao Jakov Association is a humanitarian association dedicated to helping children suffering from malignant diseases. Its main activity refers to fundraising and providing assistance to sick children and disadvantaged families.

and many others.