Terms and conditions are all terms and conditions specified in the categories from I to VII.
Terms and conditions regulate the legal relations arising from the use of www.citycenterone.hr domain as well as all other associated subdomains, links and related content, applications, software, services, materials, information (collectively “web service”).

By using citycenterone.hr web service, you expressively agree to comply with the conditions of this agreement regarding the specified Terms and Conditions. If the user does not agree with the Terms, the user is kindly asked not to use the above-mentioned web service. Therefore, in case of access and/or use of www.citycenterone.hr domain as well as all other associated subdomains, links and related content, application, software, services, materials, information (collectively “web service“) that are provided by the web service regardless of the way they are used, express unrestricted consent to the use of web service is given in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
The use of the web service is only permitted to adult persons while the above-mentioned is allowed to children only with their parents’ permission and supervision  and/or guardians  who are obliged to take care of this, otherwise they take on all rights and obligations arising from such use while there is no responsibility by CC Real d.o.o. on any basis.
CC Real d.o.o. has the unlimited right to change, restrict and/or terminate the provision of web service.
In case of violation and/or non-compliance of the conditions, CC Real d.o.o. reserves the right, in accordance with its discretionary assessment, to limit the provision of all and/or a part of the services.
All prescribed terms and conditions and content are subject to one-sided modifications by CC Real d.o.o. at any time, and in the specified case CC Real d.o.o. will not be held responsible for any of the circumstances resulting from these modifications. The day of publication on the www.citycenterone.hr website is considered as the date when the changes enter into force. Each particular access to citycenterone.hr web service is considered to be a separate transaction to which the prescribed terms and conditions are applied.

Materials, applications, software, information and visual identity found on www.citycenterone.hr may not be copied, published, translated or in any other way used and/or distributed except in the case of express written consent given by CC Real d.o.o.
Entire content, materials, information, applications, software and visual identity are protected by Copyright and Related Rights, Trademarks Act and Criminal Code. They are protected by CC Real d.o.o. copyrights or copyright of other legal entities.
It is prohibited to use the entire content, materials, information, applications, software, visual identity in commercial purposes, and storing and/or copying is prohibited for any other than personal, non-commercial use, which implies that it is not selling and/or mediation of information, and/or publishing and/or distributing and/or transmission and/or reproduction. It is permitted to make a copy of every output, in machine-reading form or in hard copy form, which is adequate for the above-mentioned permitted objectives. Nothing mentioned here gives you the right to create any kind of database, directory or hard copy publications – from or based on the database; not for internal or external use.
Web service may not be used in a way that it can be accessed via a link, other web page and/or portal via a link or in any other similar way, which allows web service pages to be opened within some other domain, portal or website.

In case that certain content on our web service is taken over and/or created by other legal entities other than CC Real d.o.o., this legal entity is not responsible for the specified content, inaccuracies, mistakes nor potential resulting damage.
In case of unauthorised and/or inappropriate use and/or use of content, materials, information, application, software, visual identity, web service and/or in case of their abuse CC Real d.o.o. is not held responsible for any kind of damage.
In case of unauthorised and/or inappropriate use and/or use of content, material, information application, software, visual identity, web service and /or in case of their abuse CC Real d.o.o. is entitled to damage compensation as well as all permitted protection.
CC Real d.o.o. server is used at your own risk.
CC Real d.o.o. does not guarantee usage accuracy or the usage results pertaining to any content available at citycenterone.hr.
CC Real d.o.o. is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the content on citycenterone.hr.
The content on citycenterone.hr was prepared professionally and carefully, however CC Real d.o.o. is not responsible for the consequences of its application, with a note that all data is available solely for information purposes, but not for providing advice. We would like to point out that the published content is note comprehensive and it is limited by information available to CC Real d.o.o.

CC Real d.o.o. is not connected with the websites whose links are published on citycenterone.hr web service, and it is in no way responsible for their content, and access to this content is strictly on your own responsibility.
Publishing links serves only for information purposes, and in no case does this mean that CC Real d.o.o. is giving its approval to use certain products, services or publications available on those links.
It should be noted that certain names, graphics, trademark features, icons, design, words, titles and phrases on citycenterone.hr web service can be protected by the rights of CC Real d.o.o. or those of other legal entities, and they cannot be used for any other purposes.

CC Real d.o.o. takes care of your privacy making sure that personal data processing is done exclusively in the context of using our website, and in accordance with the applicable regulations. Accordingly, at the bottom of web page there is a link to our Personal Data Protection Statement /Privacy Protection.

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In case of dispute the competent court in Zagreb has sole jurisdiction.

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