Four gastronomic wizards are preparing Easter delicacies just for you.

The holidays are approaching, and you already know the recipes from your grandmother’s cookbook by heart? Don’t worry, four famous Croatian chefs will prepare incredible recipes just for you on 1 and 2 April, at City Center one East and West, which will make Easter lunch more special than ever.

On Saturday, 1 April , at 11 a.m., Tomislav Špiček will take the stage at City Center one West, and prepare ham, spring onions and eggs soufflé with horseradish sauce, while at the same time in City Center one East, Leo Jurešić will prepare a creative recipe with a simple name – apple. On the same day, from 5 p.m., these two gastronomic wizards will switch locations, and City Center one East visitors will enjoy and hang out with Tomislav Špiček, while City Center one West visitors will have the opportunity to learn culinary tricks with Leo Jurešić.

On Sunday, 2 April, at 11 a.m. at City Center one West, Mate Janković will show off his cooking skills, and his menu will include profiteroles filled with smoked cream, trout, mint and trout roe, as well as turkey with mlinci, turkey jus and pickled shallots, while Damir Tomljanović will prepare mushroom ragout with Roman gnocchi at the same time at City Center one East. From 5 p.m., the famous chefs will switch locations, so Mate Janković will prepare his delicious dishes for the visitors of City Center one East, and Damir Tomljanović for City Center one West visitors.

Check the detailed schedule for City Center one East and City Center one West and get inspired for the upcoming holidays this weekend with four fantastic gastronomic wizards, who will prepare incredible delicacies just for you. See you!