A combination of quality, innovation, trends and timeless design.

Replay and Superga, two Italian style icons, have joined forces to create a fantastic line of sneakers for men and women. Given that both brands put innovation and quality at the forefront of their development, the result of this collaboration is a design that combines fashion with tradition, displaying their heritage and modernity. Superga, the brand that first started producing sneakers with soles made of vulcanized rubber, and Replay, known for its rebellious, military and urban style, managed to transfer their distinctive characteristics to this collection.








The most popular Superga sneaker model 2750 is in the spotlight of this collaboration, and its timelessness is additionally emphasized by the use of 573 Bio denim, the style stamp of Replay. In addition to being unisex and extremely modern, the sneakers were produced from high-performance fabrics made from 100% organic cotton.














What these brands share is the love of details. Thus, the sneakers, although simple, are extremely urban, and the torn denim details perfectly emphasize their streetstyle purpose. They are additionally decorated with multi-coloured cotton laces and come in two shades – darker denim for men’s and lighter for the women’s model.

Distinctive elements of this collaboration that make it unique are bleached denim sections, contrast stitching, a brown leather tongue tag with an embossed Replay logo, both brands’ logos on the back and lining combined with a custom insole for added comfort.