Spring colours have arrived in comma.

Do you already know which colour combinations you will be wearing to step into the sunny spring days? If you are daring enough, wear bright colours.

We know that shades of white are the easiest to combine with everything, but this spring we will be delighted by the beautiful trend of strong, striking colours that overtook all the catwalks. Shades of green, yellow, turquoise and fuchsia are so attractive that we simply cannot resist them and are already a real fashion statement and trend this season.

The irresistible fuchsia is so feminine, seductive and romantic that it conquers hearts at first sight in all its shades. This spring, refresh your wardrobe with this color and turn your everyday styling into something interesting and endlessly feminine.

Fuchsia has been dominating the fashion colour chart for several years. It is a mixture of calm blue and passionate red. Psychologists say that this colour is the choice of romantic people with very well-developed intuition.

It is the color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation. It is also the color of cheerfulness and happiness, satisfaction and respect.

Overalls are simply beautiful. You can easily combine them with sandals that add the right dose of elegance, but if you want a more relaxed look, pair them with sneakers. To accentuate your femininity, wear a belt. In springtime, when various parties and celebrations, weddings and proms begin, overalls are a great choice.