The newly renovated store of Zlatarna Dodić has opened its doors.

The newly renovated store of Zlatarna Dodić has opened its doors and it looks amazing! In addition to an extremely rich collection of high-quality jewellery for all occasions, thanks to the redesigned space, all visitors are provided with a shopping experience that exceeds all expectations.

Located at the very entrance to the center, the newly renovated area reflects the concept of a luxury retail outlet with the intention of making the customer feel invited to (the) shop. The new space will surely catch the eye of all customers thanks to the marble texture on the floor and the impressive floral installation that seems to float above the glass showcases. Brass details that reflect the pleasant decor of the entire space were meticulously arranged. All elements of the newly renovated interior harmoniously bond with crystal objects and luxury jewellery. The renovation, starting from the height of the ceilings and ending with the choice of colours and types of quality materials, reflects the fact that “the concept of physical retail space is constantly evolving and changing”, said Franjo Dodić – turning their stores into welcoming and inviting spaces regardless of the customers’ intention to buy. The renovated location is a mix of modern aesthetics with smooth surfaces, shiny marble floors and showcases that feel both contemporary and a bit retro. The newly renovated space provides the level of modern elegant luxury that today’s consumers are looking for.
























Zlatarna Dodić is extremely happy to welcome every customer, but the real attraction is in the shopwindows, which Filip Dodić also agreed with. “Luxury brands are constantly making up new ways to improve their service provision and attention to customers,” said Filip, adding: “It’s a routine that’s constantly being fine-tuned.”