Aldo Stessy heels are the most wanted model this season!

Shoes always stand out as a favorite fashion accessory, regardless of the season. The wardrobe for the new season offers colours and playful patterns, and this is not missing among shoes and other fashion accessories. If you are planning to renew your collection of shoes and handbags, we present you inspiration from Aldo, which will make sure that every spring and summer outfit of yours is on point!

Heels in neutral tones are one of the most versatile pieces and an excellent investment for all outfits – everyday or more elegant ones. Aldo Stessy is the most popular model, and this season it comes in numerous variants, including neutral shades. Some models include Pillow Walk technology characterized by soft insoles with a foam pad placed on the heel and the most stressed part of the foot, thus providing comfort and stability. In addition to white and beige, there are heels in pastel colours – an eternal spring favorite. These shoes complement playful and romantic spring combinations, and it is no wonder they are one of the most desirable pieces this spring.

Mega popular Aldo Stessy heels are available in metallic versions that will make any simple combination different, make daily casual outfits more impressive, but also turn them into an option for evening gatherings. Metallic shoes are a common choice for formal occasions where they will elevate any look, especially the simpler and monochromatic ones. For situations when we want to be relaxed and chic at the same time, we combine them with our favorite jeans and an oversized shirt.