Changing the icon on the door of the baby room sends a clear message: equality starts from diapers.

Little ones have their own rhythm, which sometimes means that diapers can be full anytime and anywhere. With this in mind, City Center one’s baby room has always been a cozy room designed to meet the basic needs of the youngest, where parents can change diapers and feed their little darlings. The design and equipment are adapted to the needs of parents and babies to help them feel as comfortable as possible, and convenience is at the top of the priorities as well.

And while it is completely understandable to some, others still wonder – can dads enter the baby room too, or is it a room reserved only and exclusively for moms? Just like most rooms with a similar purpose around the world, the baby room in the City Center has a mother and child icon on the door. And it’s quite clear that changing diapers is not just a mom’s job. Moreover, numerous studies show that the involvement of both parents in upbringing is very important for the improvement of children’s psychological and physical development. And that’s why City Center One is introducing Dads too, for a change! With the symbolic change of the icon on the door of the room, presented on International Children’s Day, the goal is to send an unequivocal message – equality starts from diapers.

On your next visit to City Center one, stop by the baby room with your little ones, which now – without any doubt – has room for both moms and dads. See you!