At the Kid's Jungle playroom, find hidden gifts worth 30 000 kuna.

To celebrate City Center one’s birthday, tiger Tobi has prepared a fantastic adventure for the little ones. On Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17, the youngest have the chance to become explorers and embark on a search for a lucky golden coin at the Kid’s Jungle playroom.

Tiger Tobi always carries his lucky golden coin with him, which he found exploring the jungle. It has miraculous powers and brings him luck whenever he needs it. Since Tobi knows that happiness is only real when shared, he hid maaaaany coins in the playroom, and each one of them is lucky: they will bring you Cineplexx tickets, City Center one gift vouchers, board games, sweet surprises and much more.

Bring your little ones to the Kid’s Jungle playroom this weekend and let them find their way to treasure. Good luck!