Ladybug and Cat Noir take the little ones on a new adventure.

Disney’s new animated series is coming exclusively to City Center one West! From 3 to 14 February, between 12 and 6 PM, your favourite shopping center will turn into Paris and take the little ones on an unforgettable adventure with Ladybug and Cat Noir.

On three specially designed corners on the ground floor of the center, the little ones will have the opportunity to become superheroes, make unforgettable memories and meet their favourite duo. But there’s more – surprise gifts await them too!

Check out when you can hang out with Ladybug and Cat Noir below:

The adventure starts in the 360⁰ photo corner, where little ones can pose with their favourite character and film a video which they can share with friends! Exciting activities continue in a maze where they can collect items and thus help save Paris from the evil villains, while in the zone of creativity they can draw, paint and make their own mask.

So don’t wait – take your kids to a great party at City Center one and enjoy the new episodes of the animated series Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Monday through Friday, on Disney Channel.