Slim Flatform modeli donose nostalgični dašak 90-ih kada su mnogi eksperimentirali s modom.

Havaianas became a symbol of good vibrations and positive energy which they always spread through new and creative collections. This time, our attention got caught by the entirely new Slim Flatform collection that will blow your mind with its comfort and design – insomuch that you will not want to take them off!

Havaianas presents an entirely new model of flip flops, Slim Flatform, which stands out for its straight, elevated sole. The famous fashion of the 90s likes to make a comeback each year in a different form, and this year it includes summer footwear. Sneakers and shoes with thick soles used to be a must have, and now Havaianas managed to transfer that to flip flops and completely swept us off our feet! Slim Flatform models bring the nostalgic breath of the 90s when many experimented with fashion, and the combination of comfort and originality always won.

There are 6 different models in the Slim Flatform collection, all of them available in the Havaianas, ShoeBeDo and Mass store it is difficult to choose a favourite model. Models in soft and neutral colours became an inevitable part of every collection and they will surely make their way to the wish list of any minimalism lover. Models in vibrant colours, with animal print or striking glitter will be ideal for combinations that will complete the look of any trendsetter.