Enjoy the blockbusters, MX4D screenings, animated movies for children and a lot of other great movie entertainment.

All this in Cineplexx movie theatre with seven top-class, modernly equipped halls. Do not miss the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, award winning movies at major film festivals and attractive domestic titles.

X MAX Premium hall with Barco laser projector, fantastic JBL sound and screen with over 90 square meters will give you an experience of the most intense colours, contrast and screen quality you could possibly encounter.

The newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience, provides a totally immersive environment, where you actually “feel” the action on the screen from the built-in motion and effects in the seats and theatre around you. Your MX4D® theatre seat will move in sync with the movie action and special EFX generators in the cinema, allowing you to “feel” the movie’s motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water, even scents.

Love Box seats for couples and top modern electronic Luxury seats will provide you the luxury of premium seating.

Ladies Night
Spend a perfect night out with the girls at Ladies Night, where you will be delighted with a welcoming drink and surprise gifts while you enjoy the latest movie hits.

Family Day
Along with Ladies night, there is Family Day, a special program of children’s movie hits perfect for every family. The luckiest visitors will win great prizes, while the youngest visitors can expect entertainment in the lobby of the cinema.

Family Film Club
Enjoy the many benefits of being a member of the Family Film Club for children up to 14 years old! Membership is free, all you have to do is download your card! As a Family Film Club member, you and your plus one get to enjoy movies from a special price of €3.90 (HRK 29.38)*. Food menus are also available at a special price. Find out more at the following link.

Wednesday for €3.90 / HRK 29.38
Don’t miss the Cineplexx Wednesday! Save every Wednesday in the year for the newest movie hits at an amazing price from €3.90 / HRK 29.38*.

€4.50/HRK 33.91 for all students
Students can take a break from studying and lectures with Hollywood blockbusters, feature animated adventures, Oscar winners and the greatest European classics. Every day of the week, all they have to do is present their index or student card to enjoy movie hits at an amazing price from €4.50/HRK 33.91**.

Cineplexx Bonus Card

Visitors to the Cineplexx cinema can join a benefit club too with the Cineplexx Bonus Card. With the Cineplexx Bonus card, you can enjoy new movie hits at special prices and collect bonus points which can be exchanged for amazing prizes. Feel like a star when you visit your favourite cinema with your Cineplexx Bonus Card in your pocket***. The real stars of our cinema are not only on the screen, but also in the audience. You are the real stars!

Online purchase

If you don’t like waiting in line and prefer doing all your shopping online, Cineplexx enables you to purchase movie tickets in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is register at the Cineplexx website, choose a movie and the screening time. Then choose your desired seats and payment method, click “Purchase” and quickly and easily get your movie tickets.

Don’t wait in line at the box office, present the ticket you purchased online to the employee at the entrance of the cinema and enjoy your movie.

If you have the aforementioned Cineplexx Bonus Card, you can top it up online and purchase your tickets with it.

Get your ticket today. See you at Cineplexx at the City Center one!

Screening schedule can be found at

*The offer is valid for regular screenings of 2D movies in the duration of up to 120 minutes. 3D movies, VIP seats and special-length movies are charged extra in accordance with the valid cinema pricelist.

**The special student discount applies to all 2D movies during the week and for all screenings. 3D movies, VIP seats and special-length movies are charged extra in accordance with the valid cinema pricelist.

***If you still don’t have your Cineplexx Bonus Card, find out how to get one here.

EUR 1 = HRK 7.53450