Bring joy to your family and friends by giving them a perfect gift. Thank your business partners for cooperation. Choose an ideal gift for all occasions and tastes. Buy a gift voucher from City Center one!

Dear visitors,

we would like to inform you that all City center vouchers purchased by 31 December 2022, regardless of the change of the official currency, will be valid in the City center one stores which accept these vouchers until the expiration date indicated on the vouchers.

This is an ideal present you can not go wrong with, because you are giving an option of more than 450 stores in City Center one Split, Zagreb West and Zagreb East. Even the pickiest persons can find something to buy there, be it this season’s must-have dress, new shoes, business suits, toys for the youngest, fancy crockery, some marvelous new gadget or a nice piece of jewelry.

Gift vouchers can be purchased in the following ways:
1) Information Point in City Center one Zagreb West, Zagreb East and Split – you can pay by cash, credit or debit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA and Diners.
2) Online – you can pay by credit and debit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and VISA

At the Center’s Information Point you can choose decorative envelope for gift vouchers which will suit the occasion.

Online Shopping

Gift vouchers can be collected in person or by the person receiving your gift at Information Point of the selected City Center one. And start shopping in more than 450 stores at City Center one Zagreb East, Zagreb West and Split!

Get an ideal gift in just few steps:
• Below please select the link for the appropriate City Center one where the gift vouchers will be collected
• Add the amount of gift vouchers you would like to buy to your shopping cart
• Enter your details and indicate whether you are collecting the gift vouchers in person or they are collected by someone else
• Select the method of payment (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro or VISA)
• By presenting the receipt you receive by e-mail, please collect the gift vouchers in the selected City Center one, or they can be collected by a person receiving your gift

Enjoy your online and offline shopping experience!

Select City Center one in which gift vouchers will be collected and proceed shopping:

City Center one Split
City Center one Zagreb East
City Center one Zagreb West

Note: following their decisions, the following stores do not accept gift vouchers:

City Center one Split

Biberon, Bobis, Burger King, Centar Caffe, Chinese food, Clean4You, Exclusive Change, Fina, Fit Foodie, Gallerie, Gastro ribarnica Brač, Hrvatska lutrija, Hrvatska pošta, Hipster, iNovine, La Turka, Leggiero bar, McDonald’s, MI Store, Mjenjačnica Split, Natuzzi editions, Prerada,, Purex, Sizeer, Springfield, Svijet kave, Telemach, Ulla Popken, Veronika delikatese, Wettpunkt

City Center one East

Ali Kebaba, Bitcoin store, Burger King, Cafe Frei, Exclusive Change, Fina, Gallerie, Hrvatska lutrija, Hrvatska pošta, Inauris Jewerly, In Kapital, IQOS service point, Kopitarna, Leggiero bar, Lex caffe, Mini mljekara Veronika,, Purex, Submarine,Telemach, Wettpunkt

City Center one West

Ali Kebaba, Exclusive Change, Fast Fruit, Gallerie, Hrvatska lutrija, Hrvatska pošta, In Kapital, IQOS service point, Leggiero bar, McDonald′s, Mi Store, Mini mljekara Veronika,, Telemach, Tobacco

Purchases amounting to less than the value of the gift voucher cannot be paid by the voucher. The vouchers cannot be returned after the purchase has been made.

For further information in relation to the gift vouchers, please contact the Center’s Information Point at 021/510-130 or e-mail