Gift Voucher is an ideal present you can not go wrong with because it provides an option of making purchases in more than 450 stores  at City Center one Split, Zagreb East and Zagreb West. Even the pickiest persons can find something to buy there, be it this season’s must-have dress, new shoes, business suits, toys for the youngest, fancy crockery, some marvellous new gadget or a nice piece of jewellery. With an option of buying City Center one Gift Vouchers online, from the comfort of your home, you can choose the amount, payment method and you have sorted out the gifts for your loved ones in a matter of seconds!

Get started by selecting a centre where you or a person receiving your gift wishes to collect the Gift Vouchers:

City Center one Split
City Center one Zagreb West
City Center one Zagreb East

*Due to technical issues, Gift Voucher purchases currently cannot be made by American Express card. We apologize for the inconvenience!

In case you decide to drop by your favourite shopping centre, you can also purchase the Gift Vouchers at the Information Point.

Note: following their decisions, the following stores do not accept gift vouchers:

City Center one Split

Alpina, Babić, Biberon, Bobis, Burger King, Chinese food, Clean4You, Exclusive Change, Forum, Gastro ribarnica Brač, Hrvatska lutrija, Hrvatska pošta, Hipster, iNovine, Leggiero bar, McDonald’s, Mapa 3, Mini mljekara Veronika, Mjenjačnica Split, Natuzzi editions, Office shoes, Optima Telekom, Purex, Springfield, Svijet kave, Wettpunkt

City Center one East

Bitcoin store, Burger King, Exclusive Change, Forum, Hrvatska lutrija, Hrvatska pošta, In Kapital, IQOS service point, Kopitarna, Leggiero bar, Lex caffe, Mini mljekara Veronika, Office Shoes, Springfield, Tele2,Torterie Macaron, Transporter Footwear, Wettpunkt

City Center one West

A1 Tomato, Exclusive Change, Forum, Hrvatska lutrija, Hrvatska pošta, In Kapital, Inauris Jewelry, IQOS service point, Leggiero bar, McDonald′s, Mini mljekara Veronika, Office shoes, Tele 2, Tobacco, Transporter Footwear, Yves Rocher

Purchases amounting to less than the value of the gift voucher cannot be paid by the voucher. The vouchers cannot be returned after the purchase has been made.

For further information in relation to the gift vouchers, please contact the Center’s Information Point at 021/510-125 or e-mail