Many Center's additional services are at your disposal, such as photo developing, paying your bills, buying tickets, cash withdrawal...

ATM machines

  • OTP, ZABA, Privredna banka Zagreb, Raiffeisen banka, Erste & Steiermärkische banka, Hrvatska poštanska banka

Lost and found

  • Center’s Information Point


Buying tickets

Exchange office

Paying bills

Developing photos and taking photos

  • dm (through the website or personally, by bringing CD with photos to the store)
  • Müller
  • Self-service photo machine (on the first floor of the Center)
  • Hrvatska pošta (receiving photos on USB flash drive or CD)

Key Maker

Watch Repair

Tailoring services

Drinks refund

Empty batteries

  • Empty batteries disposal is at Interspar near Information Point