L'OCCITANE has added a fresh zest of Citrus Verbena extract from Provence in this way creating a line of products that can instantly bring a breath of fresh air into your hot summer days.

For thousands of years Citrus Verbena has been well known as a herb that is used for medicinal purposes. Lemony freshness of this magic herb helps revive the body and soul, and it is now available in L’OCCITANE fragrant products.

Among the products that will capture your attention there is a refreshing Verbena Icy Body Gel, an incredible infusion of freshness in a moisturising bubbly formula infused with cooling menthol. Lemony fragrance of this product has an invigorating effect and wakes up all your senses, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and stress. For a more intense icy effect pop the gel in the fridge overnight.

Hurry up and get your L’OCCITANE products to bring freshness into your daily life.