There is a brighter side to getting back to work and welcoming autumn – a new chance for a small autumn shopping trip.

Choose stripes, visual miracle workers for all plus size women!

Take advantage of the most popular visual miracle workers to achieve a thinner silhouette! If you like to wear dresses, light and swaying summer dresses will soon be replaced by long-sleeve dresses with an ever-present touch of elegance. Ulla Popken, plus size fashion, offers classical style enriched with trendy colours also using practical materials and smart cuts to fit women with curves.

Wear trendy 2018 autumn colours

Burgundy colour will certainly mark the season, together with the colour of mustard and an enchanting shade of blue  – Nebulas Blue.

Play with the patterns

This autumn, Ulla Popken plus size fashion combines the new trends and classics that never go out of style – floral and geometric motives and the ultimate hit – chequered pattern! Take advantage of tartan with all its squares and stripes – lengthwise stripes will also lengthen your figure.

Don’t forget about the timeless denim

There are hardly any women who don’t own at least one clothing item made of denim, be it a pair of pants, a shirt, a skirt or a jacket. Denim is comfortable, practical and it can easily be combined with all colours.

See you at City Center one.