The offer of City Center one is completed with the FINA office.

Financial agency – FINA is a place which brings together numerous financial and electronics services, and opens its doors on Wednesday, September 16th, at the ground floor of City Center one, and on that occasion, gives 20% lower fees for all payments made in cash up to September 19th.

Up to September,19th, FINA enables 20% lower fees for cash payments.

Among other things, you can pay your invoices in FINA without any additional fee or with more favourable fees, replace your damaged banknotes, use money exchange services, buy forms, duty stamps, promissory notes, vouchers and contracts of seasonal work and receive money through the Western Union.

Numerous services are available to business subjects, such as cash and non-cash payments, getting daily excerpts on the changes and account balance and receipt and processing of R-S/R-Sm forms from previous years.

Make your life easier and solve all your obligations in one place – on the ground floor of your favourite shopping mall, from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 8 pm.