With the beginning of spring, the latest fashion items from your favourite brands came to City Center one stores!

Warm spring days bring exciting trends returning playfulness and airiness into the wardrobe. Swaying silhouettes, interesting patterns and airy materials are ruling the streets once again, as well as the shop windows at City Center one. With all the irresistible models presented by popular brands through their spring collections, you can surely transform your look and refresh your wardrobe. Use those warm summer days to wear striking outfits: introduce a colourful kimono into your new outfit, stand out wearing interesting bootcut pants, or you can also attract attention by choosing exciting accessories.

In addition to fresh-looking fashion trends, enrich your wardrobe with the unavoidable spring classics and the basic models to achieve a casual and comfortable look. Wear oversized shirts, basic shirts and the unavoidable jeans to turn your daily outfits into evening wear by adding just a few details. Classic trench coats are yet again about to rule the streets, and pleated skirts again confirm their status as one of the women’s favourite items by being introduced into the new collections.


The new collections also bring interesting fashion items for men! This is an opportunity for them to refresh their business and casual look by combining key colours from the spring collections, such as navy blue, white and beige with the ever-popular jeans.

Get inspired by simple and catchy spring outfits on City Mix&Match, and then rush to City Center one to choose an outfit from a versatile selection of our brands to help you conquer the spring days.