Croatian Water Polo Players Attracting Attention in Varteks Suits

Varteks has been producing fashion in the region for as many as one hundred years. Likewise, young men have been playing water polo for a hundred years creating a cult of champions. Enough reasons for Varteks and Croatian Water Polo Federation to find themselves in the same story.

Many years of Varteks craftsmanship are a guarantee that water polo players will attract attention in every occasion, whenever they wear Varteks clothing items.

Since water is a natural habitat for our barracudas, designing and creating suits that should feel like second skin is a major challenge even for the most experienced fashion experts.

Wearing Varteks clothes, our water polo players have passed the test as models in front of Šime Eškinja’s lens, while shooting for the 2018 calendar presented at Croatian Water Polo Night.

Varteks has designed bespoke suits for our water polo players and their new achievements. Blue is the dominant colour in their combinations, reminding us of water while also being a fashion imperative. The suits are made of premium quality natural stretch fabric which ensures free movement important to all sportsmen. Blue suit and tie colour is balanced with a white shirt, as well as discreet and innovative pocket squares. Silk pocket squares are an integral part of the pocket, and they can be adjusted without the fear of falling out or being lost.

In this collaboration, Varteks again confirms its status as the first choice in supplying clothing to top Croatian national teams for protocolar and formal occasions. All their collections are available at Varteks store at City Center one!