Visit the newly opened Tomato shop on the ground floor of City Center one and discover all details of the new offer!

The new Tomato tariffs enable users to manage their costs and services wisely. The new MINI, TOTAL and MAXI Tomato tariffs provide users with even greater flexibility in the use of units, easy adjustment of tariffs by upgrading with an attractive DUPLO (double) option and digital service management. All this without a call set-up fee or contractual obligation.

The new Tomato tariff models MINI, TOTAL and MAXI are based on a proven and accepted system of universal units that users can spend on calls, messages or the Internet according to their choice. As with previous packages, all this is followed by attractive prices, but also a handful of new benefits. Users of all tariffs can activate the repeated DUPLO option and thus double the content of their tariff for only HRK 20.00, with a few clicks through the My Tomato application; the users of Tomato subscription can activate the DUPLO option twice and thus triple the content of their tariff.

In the current promotional period, for all users who activate the TOTAL subscriber tariff model,  DUPLO option is already included, so they get 24,000 units that they can use as they wish per minute, SMS or MB for the price of HRK 100.00 per month, instead of the regular HRK 120.00.

Visit the Tomato shop on the ground floor of the center, during working hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and find out all about the new Tomato offer.