Enjoy the movie adventure in front of the big screen with Michael Morbius.

A new edition of Superhero night is scheduled, an evening dedicated to everyone’s favorite heroes. On Thursday, 31 March, indulge in an exciting adventure in front of the big screen of the Cineplexx City Center one with Michael Morbius, one of Marvel’s most intriguing and complex characters whose story will be adapted to film for the first time. 

Due to a rare blood disease, determined to save others suffering from a similar problem, Dr Morbius is working on a dangerous experiment. Although at first everything seems to be going extremely well, he himself is turning into a dark figure. Will good defeat evil or will Morbius eventually succumb to new, mysterious urges – those who watch the movie will find out. 

All viewers will receive a poster of the film as a gift, and from 7 pm onwards they will have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing Red Bull drink for free. We have prepared a special gift too! With the purchase of tickets for screenings during the premiere weekend, you will get a Morbius online comic as a gift. 

So hurry up – plan a movie night, buy tickets and be among the first to meet the enigmatic antihero embodied on the big screen by Jared Leto. See you!