The latest issue of City one Magazine brings a fashion cheat sheet on 116 pages to help you capture attention with style in the cold winter days!

Find the hottest fashion items and season’s trends and learn about the best way to fit them into your wardrobe; find inspiring ideas for your daily outfits and the upcoming Christmas parties and enjoy several hundreds of shopping suggestions from your favourite stores.

Winter has never been more luxurious. This season, forget about the old saying according to which less is more and embrace the glamour: incredible ruffles, golden shades or the unavoidable sequins. Regardless which item you decide to include into your outfit during the festive season, one thing is certain – you can’t make a mistake!

There is no place for boredom in the daily outfits either: monochromatic outfits in neutral shades will give you an air of elegance, over the knee boots are a perfect choice for special occasions, and with a puffer jacket you can take part in a fashion game using different colours and materials.

Get inspired by the style of the world-famous influencers, check what is on Ana Bacinger’s must-have list and discover Silvija Dvornik’s winter favourites. Also, find out what our famous singer Lana Jurčević, who is on the cover of your favourite magazine, has revealed in the interview.

All the fans of beauty products can find the most wonderful shiny items, as well as some gift recommendations to make the holidays for their loved ones more enjoyable.

Therefore, if you would like to complete your wish list and find the best way to shine this winter, take a copy of City one Magazine from the stands of your favourite shopping centre or browse through it on-line.