Bring your kids to Children's Theatre Weekend on 12th and 13th January and have fun watching amazing performances at Children's Theatre Weekend completely free.

Winter has its charms, especially when children are concerned. Winter holidays, snow, skiing… Fun never ends, even when the temperature drops below zero.

On Saturday, starting at 6 PM kids can enjoy an interactive performance called Know-It-All Snowman. Through a story about a boy called Whirligig (Zvrk) who gets on his bike to find Know-It-All Snowman, known from the legends, little visitors can learn more about the importance of true friendship.

Find out how winter holidays are affected when everything goes wrong due to some misunderstandings and too much fuss, on Sunday starting at 6 PM in a show called Skiing Chaos. Help a little boy called Whirligig (Zvrk) to go on his skiing trip as a skier and not as a sailor.

This weekend embark on an exciting adventure with your kids at your City Center one.