Easter holidays are just around the corner with irresistible scents coming from the kitchen!

Bring your kids for our Easter Cooking Show to City Center one on 19th and 20th April to experience some entertainment that will stay in their memory for a long time! Little chefs will be pulling up their sleeves and preparing tasty salty and sweet treats. Friendly tiger called Toby, well known among the kids, will be there to keep them company through this culinary adventure. Best of all – the kids will be able to eat all they prepare.

In addition to an unforgettable experience, little chefs will have an opportunity to take part in a big contest and a chance at becoming Little City Chef as well as win an amazing shopping spree.
See the Rules of the Creative Contest here.

Kids will also have fun at easter creative workshops where they can paint easter eggs, create easter greeting cards, and enjoy other fun activities.

The kitchen at City Center one is open on 13th and 14th April from 11 AM to 7 PM, therefore make sure you bring your children and create some moments worth remembering!