Zoe Evolve: evolution in sports fashion!

Faced with the new situation, Zoe also had to evolve and get out of its own comfort zone by creating the Evolve collection, inspired by the fearless Zoe girls.

In addition to being designed in new and unique conditions, a big novelty in the collection is the first Zoe line of organic cotton underwear and the first tights for pregnant women. Furthermore, every cut and seam of classic elements of the Zoe collection has been further improved – tights, sports bras, T-shirts and dresses that come with the best design so far and latest technologies. Another innovation in the Evolve collection is the ability to combine all the elements. The collection comes with 4 main colors: eternal black, mystical dark blue, delicate pink and feminine purple (plum). All models include these colors, thanks to which you have complete freedom to create unique Zoe combinations. Models can be found here.