The allure at first sight, eye-catching design, and the delight that everyone around you will see are the reasons that make the Ghetaldus giveaway more than worth playing.

Purchase anything from Ghetaldus Optika worth €50 or more, such as the glasses you’ve always wanted or needed, and participate in the draw where you can win a Toyota Yaris Cross Luna, as well as 50 valuable €100 gift vouchers.

The giveaway lasts until May 15th, with the winner drawn just two days later, on May 17th.

Visiting Ghetaldus Optika is also a great opportunity to join the Ghetaldus Loyalty program, through which you can enjoy additional discounts. Additionally, members of the loyalty program automatically have double the chance to win in the giveaway (one receipt means two chances in the drawing).

Good luck to everyone!