Enjoy an unforgettable sports spectacle with GK Marjan.

Gymnastics is a sport synonymous with elegance and is loved by everyone regardless of age. The members of GK Marjan will prove that on Saturday, the 17 December, at 5 PM, where they will perform an amazing sports show at City Center one.

Through the project Family in gymnastics – Famnastics, GK Marjan wants to highlight the role that adults play in the gymnastics activities of children, as well as activate them in gymnastics practice. Thus, a total of 15 children, accompanied by 15 adults, will perform the Erasmus plus project of the Marjan Gymnastics Club and its partners. And Tina Erceg Pejković, two-time Croatian Olympian, will also be our guest.

After the performance, all visitors will have the opportunity to try exercises and try out the gymnastic equipment that will be in the City Center one for the performance. In a relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment, with GK Marjan you will discover the beauty of this sport – not only because of its importance in the development of children, but also the role it plays in preserving the mental and physical health of adults.

See you at City Center one this Saturday!