Step into the deli and enjoy the best Croatian and foreign cheeses.

City Pazar’s offer has become even better; the store Gligora Cheese & Deli opened its doors on the ground floor of City Center one and thus completed the offer of the favourite market.

In the irresistible assortment, you will find delicious world-renowned Gligora cheeses, as well as fresh products such as butter, cottage cheese and cream. You will be delighted by the offer of delicious cured meat products: the best homemade prosciutto, black Slavonian pig products, Baranja kulen and bacon will tantalize your taste buds. You will also get the change to taste a variety of wines, olive oils, liqueurs and spirits from all regions of Croatia.

The products are of top quality and many have protection of geographical indications, i.e. protection of originality, and this place will become a favourite stop for those who want to impress others with unique, personalized gifts arranged and packed by the employees of the branch.

Take a look at the offer and fall in love with the captivating flavours. See you!