The new year is ideal for refreshing your style and trying something completely new!

Whether you have decided that this year you will hike more, exercise, spend time with your loved ones or take up a new hobby, s.Oliver has great pieces that will support you in your everyday life and allow you to express your uniqueness. For women, there is a Red Label collection featuring bright, bold orange in the main role, combined with trendy patterns and essential knits, while men will find interesting patterns and knit pieces that we can’t imagine winter without. The Black Label collection brings ideas for women business looks in soft shades of white, light blue and beige.


The excellent items for women from the s.Oliver Red Label collection can be styled in many different ways, so you are guaranteed to wear these pieces on a weekly basis in different outfits!

The first look: a fluffy orange knit sweater, a scarf of the same color, dark trousers and relaxed boots are great for a classic everyday look. The second look stands out thanks to its soft, warm plush pullover. It is a quality piece that we all need in our wardrobe for cold winter days and ski trips. Combine it with bright colors that will further elevate the outfit.




Strength and optimism are the main motifs of our winter collection for men. The collection is characterized by special patterns that are very wearable and warm pullovers.

How about an outfit consisting of a pullover and a shirt in the same color? Dark trousers, a 100% cotton sweater and a shirt in a striking turquoise color are our suggestion for a casual everyday look for men. In the second combination, we chose dark trousers, a gray sweater with an interesting pattern, and the third look is a layered combination of a 100% cotton short-sleeved shirt with an interesting pattern and a button-up sweater that can be worn in many different ways.




The Black Label winter collection for women is characterized by gentle colors and materials. In this collection, you can find pieces of white, soft blue and beige colors that have stood out as popular winter colors during the last few years. The inspiration for the whole look is in neutral colors: beige pants made of imitation leather, a knit sweater with sparkling thread, a trendy white jacket and black moccasins that give a little contrast. For lovers of business blouses, we suggest the Black Label fine blouse with a high collar, which you can choose from in blue and white. Combine it with a trendy striped sweater and it will be the perfect choice for a business look.