Visit the photo exhibition on the ground floor of the Center.

On the occasion of its seventh birthday, the Dalmacija Danas portal presented the exhibition izložbu „Pečat od vrimena Štorija o plisnacu“ (Seal of Time – Story o plisnac), which City Center visitors have the opportunity to enjoy until 30th March and thus learn about the traditions of the Dalmatian village.

„Pečat od vrimena – Štorija o plisnacu“ is a project by which the Dalmacija Danas portal presents stories, customs, legends, people and localities of Dalmatia that they consider unfairly neglected. Through the exhibition located on the ground floor of City Center one, 20 selected works of the talented Split photography duo Milan Šabić and Miroslav Lelas from the agency “None Of The Above” were presented. The photos combine a highly professional documentary and artistic style as to convey the tradition of the Dalmatian countryside as faithfully as possible.

Come and discover long-forgotten stories and customs. See you there!