Your City, only improved!

Since its opening in 2010 until today, City Center One has developed into a must shopping destination. As the first modern mall in the region, it brought a number of renowned brands to Split and thus offered a completely new shopping experience. In order to respond to the new needs of visitors, the time has come for improvements!

The goal is clear: City Center one will connect with its visitors even more and become the center for all generations through the optimization of the tenant mix, which was already started at the beginning of this year, and the design and technical improvements of the center itself.

And don’t worry! Although the beginning of the works is scheduled for the middle of 2023, during 12 months, which is their expected duration, the center will be opened all the time, so you will be able to enjoy your shopping without interruption. Because, although some things change – the satisfaction of City Center visitors still remains in the first place.

And in addition to an even better shopping experience, segments of environmental, social and corporate management will maintain their great importance, which will ultimately be confirmed by the certification of the facility itself.

We look forward to presenting you the old place, new vibe!