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Borboleta jewellery, also known as good luck charms, is inspired by love. The story of Borboleta starts with a famous quotation “Happy girls are the prettiest”. It was this quote we were distributing with the first bracelet made using a red thread with a recognizable golden butterfly. Soon after, Borboleta launched a range of bracelets in different colours, each with a different symbol accompanied by a quote from a movie, a song, art or from a literary work.

Borboleta jewellery is one of the favourite fashion brands, launched in 2012, after which it became a globally recognized brand. Today it can be found in numerous stores around the world including Excelsior Milano, Sugar For Your Closet, Cosi Cosi, Smets, Nicolas Concept Store, Jules&Co and many other places. A beautiful friendship starts with Borboleta, one that will never end.


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