The versatile Guess collection presents pieces for every occasion

Welcome to the Guess fall/winter collection filled with independent style and rebellious chic outfits in which every Guess girl will attract attention.

In order to show the versatility of the new fall collection, we have selected pieces that you can wear for any occasion, and which emphasize the elegance in the simplicity of cuts, materials and colors.

The camel coat color fits perfectly with both lighter and darker shades of jeans, while the soft coat and rough denim further emphasize the contrast. This fashion combination can be worn on everyday occasions, while the choice of shoes will emphasize whether it is an elegant or casual outfit. So, choose between powder-colored heeled shoes or robust ankle boots with a G logo. To complete the whole combination, choose accessories. No woman will go out without a good bag, so the Guess bag that you can carry on your shoulder or in your hand is an ideal choice.

Let this fall be marked by urban and elegant Guess clothing combinations in which you will shine with confidence.