In addition to accessories like the earrings or the bags, an item that really changes the direction of an outfit is a pair of shoes!

In the last few days, new collections have reached the shelves of many high-street brand shops thus announcing the spring season that has never looked so playful in terms of colours. From simple lines in classic blazers to new trendy jeans, long dresses and accessories – after seeing a few spring models we can carefully plan our entire wardrobe for the transition period. In addition to accessories such as a pair of earrings or bags, an item that greatly helps change direction of an outfit is a pair of shoes.

Slingback model is a choice for all the women who like bold and special combinations that won’t go unnoticed, without renouncing on the feminine classic features. Slingbacks are characteristic of having an open lower heel, they are simple to match when it comes to choosing a model that can be worn with different outfits from business casual to elegant evening date/cinema outfits. Guliver has chosen to show the fashion fans that they are not falling behind the world fashion trends by presenting slingback ballerinas in bright colours with a hint of ‘statement’ in their spring collection. For all the girls who want their footwear to play the leading role in an outfit, but they are not fans of high heels, slingback ballerinas are available in rich red, green, lemon yellow and fuchsia. Minimalists will be impressed with models in classic beige and black.

We are witnessing how the trends change from season to season, but some clothing items, just like the slingbacks, skilfully defy the seasonal changes. Guliver remained loyal to the trend of feminine elegant clothing in combination with long spring dresses, floral skirts, classic jeans and a white shirt with puff sleeves you can hardly go wrong with.