Regardless of the vibrant colours as the most exciting trend of the season, it is highly unlikely that you will go unnoticed with black and white.

A black cocktail dress or a white blouse. Although some call them boring items of clothing, every woman will most certainly agree that it is desirable to have one of each in the wardrobe. The same applies to sandals, whichever colour is popular in a particular season, black and white are always in. When you put on a pair of white or black sandals with interesting details, there is a small possibility you would go unnoticed, and since those two colours are always in, buying a pair is an excellent investment because you will be able to wear them for years.

Some designers as well as the high street brands are playing with the combinations of black and white this season on summer items – from pepita pattern, black sandals with contrasting white details, to eclectic models with a twist. Sandals signed by Guliver, be it a model with a contrasting block heel in silver or a model with sateen monochromatic bows, round metallic rivets, pearls and delicate straps or sandals with large details made using zircons, in black and white combinations they give a dose of elegance and glamour, and you won’t make a mistake if you decide to wear them for your daily walks.

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