Creative design and an irresistible colour palette in Fashion&Friends Beachwear outfits for an unforgettable summer of your dreams!

Preparations for the long awaited summer season are in full swing, and in order for you to readily welcome those steaming hot summer days and nights, multi-brand store Fashion&Friends, has prepared a true summer treat. The new 2018 Summer collection is full of key fashion beach symbols, such as swimsuits, swaying pants, miniskirts and hot pants to draw attention to every IT girl’s tanned skin.

In the first place, find the irresistible one-piece and two-piece swimsuits that capture attention with their creative design, as well as the palette of colours and patterns by famous world brands such as: Calvin Klein, Tommy Jeans and Superdry.  Wee are talking about elegant black and white classics and some luxurious models with interesting prints and the most sought-after colour of the season such as millennial pink, red as well as many other combinations among which a black golden variant is especially highlighted.

Get ready for the new summer adventures with style and visit Fashion&Friends store at your City Centeru one and find an ideal seaside outfit you will be noticed wherever you go!