How easy is it to trick your senses? Find out at the Museum of Senses which is opening its door for visitors at City Center one.

This museum is a combination of play, education, science and culture, and as a concept this is the first fun interpretation centre in Croatia. The museum focuses on the basic senses that help us experience the world around us: sense of sight, hearing, smell, balance and touch, which also describes the zones in which the museum is divided. There is a special sub-theme that all Dalmatians will specially appreciate and it is related to the Split area: while walking through Split, the visitors will be able to enjoy a special explanation of the sense of touch.

In order to carry out this project, cooperation between many different Croatian artists and designers has been made to create amazing solutions that motivate us to research while we play and have fun by combining curious design of space, lighting as well as some other elements.

Museum of Senses will take you on a trip around Split that you have never experienced before. Your senses will be guiding you to new dimensions, thus creating a spot perfect to visit with your family and friends. See you soon!