Zahtjevna situacija u kojoj se nalazimo donosi nova pravila, čak i za one pothvate koji su donedavno bili dio rutine, poput svakodnevne kupnje namirnica.

In order to help you ensure all the necessary food supplies for your household safely, and reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, we have prepared a number of safe shopping tips.

One family member should go shopping. Make a list of things you need together with the members of your household, and let only one person go shopping. Also, check if you can make a purchase for anybody from the vulnerable group of people in your area.

There is no need to make stocks at home. Stores are stocked with sufficient quantities of food, hygiene goods and other essentials, therefore make sure you buy only the quantities you actually need. In this way, you are making sure that products are also available for other people.

Keep a 2-metre distance from other customers. Social distancing measure calls for avoiding close social contact and keeping a minimum 2-metre distance, and the same rule applies while you are making your purchases.

Do not touch products that you do not intend to purchase.

Sanitize your hands. In addition, avoid touching your face.

We believe that we can overcome this challenging situation together and come out stronger.