With ZOO CITY dog days of summer will go away faster than the crows fly!

Did you know that dogs can sweat only in areas not covered by fur, such as their snouts and paws? That is why high summer temperatures present a real challenge – both for pets and their owners.

Apart from already known methods by which you will make the hot summer days easier for your pets – such as early morning or late-night walks and refreshing treats, an irresistible offer waits in the ZOO CITY as well. Take a look at the small portion of fun, but useful toys transforming hot summer days into a real pleasure in the gallery below.

Trixie boca za piće On tour 250 ml, Trixie ljeto bazen za pse fi-120×30 cm

Trixie ljeto glodavac prostirka za hlađenje 28×20 cm, Trixie ljeto igračka lopta na špagi plutajuća fi-7 cm/35 cm

Trixie ljeto sigurnosni prsluk za vodu S, Trixie ljeto igračka cooling dumbbell