Bring your little ones and join us for the Children's Theatre Weekend on 16th and 17th February. Let's enjoy together the programme dedicated to love.

 They say that the true luck is to love and be loved! Since it is already February, known as a month of love, the time is right to dedicate the entire Children’s Theatre Weekend to the most beautiful feeling.

On Saturday starting from 6 PM together with your kids you can follow the story about a cold and emotionless knight who has never heard of the words like love, happiness or kindness. In a dark land, behind 7 mountains, 7 seas and 7 rivers where he indeed lives, all he does is quarrel and argue with the locals. Find out how he comes to realize about the importance of love, happiness and kindness with the help of the children from the audience and a friendly princess by watching the performance called Amazing Rainbow.

On Sunday starting from 6 PM bring your kids and follow an exciting adventure about the young prince who goes on a pursuit to find his princess in a somewhat unusual vehicle – big colourful balloon. His pursuit turns into a big adventure. Find out how it ends by watching a performance called True Love.

Wait no longer, arrange your schedule to fit in Children’s Theatre Weekend and enjoy the programme dedicated to the most wonderful feeling – love, together with your children.