French word for pink is “rose”. The same word also represents a rose, the symbol of Lancôme. Pink is a very contradictory concept – some consider it sweet and lacking seriousness, while for others it is bold and impressive.

Both the flower and the colour symbolise sensitivity and freedom, imbued by happiness, love and serenity. When it comes to Lancôme cosmetics “rose” embodies a vision of life: consciously choosing happiness and the power of positive emotions, based on an optimistic view of life. Simply said: Live more intensely. Live a life coloured in pink.


In 2017, Lancôme is celebrating  joie de vivre – “joy of living”, through pink explosion on the lips and the nails on this occasion presenting L’Absolu Rôses! It is a collection of lip glosses, lip liners and nail polishes, to be used boldly and creatively while having a lot of fun. Putting on make-up is not just a beauty ritual, it is also an exceptional moment when you are joyously dedicating time and attention to yourself.


L’Absolu Gloss comes in 14 shades of translucent, creamy and matte finish complemented by a wide range of already existing 42 shades of L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks. There are also 8 new shades of lip liners Le Lip Liner as well as 14 new shades of nail polish Le Vernis in refreshingly vivid and striking colours. L’Absolu Rôses is a perfect collection if you would like to create your personalised lip art look while mixing the colours boldly – always being elegant, never predictable.


Look for the new Lancôme L’Absolu Rôses collection of lip glosses, lip liners and nail polishes at Müller and Douglas stores at City Center one.