Learn everything there is to know about healthy habits of children and athletes with Dragana Olujić, sports nutritionist and famous athletes.

It is well known that physical activity is not enough to achieve success and excellent results in sports. The importance of nutrition, as the source of energy, is especially evident in people who actively participate in sports, regardless of their age. This includes not only what they consume before and after workouts, but also their entire diet, which has to be carefully selected, varied, and made of as little processed food as possible.

Dragana Olujić, sports nutritionist, will show you the best way to make a meal plan for children, with emphasis on little – and not as little – athletes, through educational and simple culinary workshops on Saturday, the 2nd of March, between 10 AM and 1 PM. With simple tricks, the famous expert will prepare varied and nutritious meals which will improve the strength and endurance you need while working out. To find out more, check out the detailed schedule of activities below:

Younger visitors will be delighted by famous guests – well-known stars of the Split sports scene will answer all their questions about nutrition, even the everlasting question: how much polenta should we eat to grow big like them?

Whether you want to improve the diet of your little athletes or take a more serious approach to meal preparation, you simply cannot miss this workshop. See you!