National Geographic WILD has prepared an amazing experience for all animal fans and all those who are always ready to learn and experience something new.

The world of nature is always full of animals with running speed that serves as an inspiration, at the same time an unachievable goal in terms of human capacity. Numbers, indeed, speak for themselves, but what about testing our strength with the fastest runners from the nature and finding out that there is a possibility to compete with them?

ZOORACE visitors of this unique digital track will be able to race in real time with virtual hunting leopard, kangaroo, grizzly bear, wolf, crocodile, fox …

First in the series of ZOORACES is on next Saturday and Sunday 4thand 5th May, at City Center one Split, followed by Zagreb on 11th and 12th May at City Center one East, and City Center one West on 18th and 19th May.

Come and find out who is the fastest runner from the nature and see if you can beat them.