Check out how to best protect your cell phone at the new sales point on the ground floor of City Center one.

Regardless of the quality and the amount of money spent, the screen glass is the most sensitive part of your smartphone. When the screen breaks, the sensors, i.e. the electronics under the glass that enable the device usage are most often damaged, so it is necessary to repair and completely replace the damaged screen for further use, which is very serious investment for owners of all high-quality models of cell phones.

No matter how careful we are, it only takes a moment for anyone’s cell phone to fall on the floor from their hand, pocket or table – it happened at least once to all of us. What can be done so that the outcome of such events is not decided by pure chance – that’s the question we found the answer to at Mobile Outfitters, a company that is present on more than 900 locations in 50 countries, and now offers its services on the ground floor of City Center one.

Mobile Outfitters, an American company founded by developing a special film made of polyurethane, a very durable material that is often used for military purposes, offers the highest quality and complete protection of the screen, edges, back and camera of cell phones. The three-layer Fusion film made of polyurethane ideally adheres to flat and rounded screens, and Mobile Outfitters offers protection for more than 2,000 different models of cell phones, tablets, game consoles and watches.

At Mobile Outfitters, you can also get the Fusion Bumper, the world’s thinnest protection for the sides and corners of the phone, which represents the highest level of protection for your cell phone.

All customers are entitled to a lifetime replacement program, where the customer only pays the full price of the product the first time, and later can change the same type of foil on the same device countless times, paying only for the foil installation service, and receiving the foils free of charge.