Enjoy the delicacies that will be prepared on 14 and 15 May by famous Croatian chefs just for you.

Fans of home-made food will be delighted by the great news! Namely, the first City cuisine is on the schedule this weekend, a culinary workshop where four famous gastro-wizards will compete in the eternal battle of the continent and the Mediterranean.

On Saturday, 14 May, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the preparation, but also to taste irresistible Mediterranean dishes prepared by famous chefs. Braco Sanjin will teach you a few new tricks from 11 a.m., preparing sea bass carpaccio with strawberries and shrimp risotto, while Melkior Bašić will take the place behind the worktop, on whose menu you will find toothfish and shrimp ceviche & turbot fillet on creamy polenta with vegetables from 5 p.m.

On Sunday, 15 May, well-known continentals will take the stage: Christian Misirača will show his enviable culinary skills by preparing a Samobor cutlet with grenadier march, skilfully complemented by pumpkin oil and apple cider vinegar radicchio salad from 11 a.m., while Tomislav Špiček will prepare delicious meat patties and rags with cabbage which will make your mouth water from 5 p.m.

Take advantage of the great opportunity and discover interesting tricks that will give a little twist to everyday food preparation, enjoy fantastic specialties and have fun. See you at the City Market!