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Let them eat cake is one of the most famous sayings of Marie Antoinette. And when those cakes are from La Delta, the only thing left is to agree with the statement. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional cakes or those a bit more modern, cookies and tea biscuits or desserts with rich creams – in the most famous patisserie in Split you will find desserts just to your taste.

And how could you not when this sweetest story in Split dates back to 1988, when two married couples opened the first branch in the famous Split underpass. Although they initially sold daily lunches, they soon brought a touch of Italy to the city. All raw materials, recipes and packaging would come from this neighboring country, and on a monthly basis, Italian pastry chefs would come to Split and train local pastry chefs, pizza and sandwich masters. And while you had to go to Trieste to follow fashion trends, it was enough to walk to your favorite patisserie for a touch of Italian cuisine.

Today, La Delta offers irresistible sweets, cakes and pastries that were originally created in its plant, and later expanded to the Split market. Among them is the well-known Stracciatella cake, but also various cakes with puff pastry.

And it is precisely the diversity of the offer that has made this patisserie so special for generations. Here you will find traditional cakes and pastries, but also modern recipes that are hard to resist. In the most famous patisserie in Split, you will find dessert just to your taste. Thanks to this, La Delta’s customers have become a part of the family a long time ago, and family is always welcome!

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